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How to Choose a Teddy Bear for a Friend?

Ran out of ideas on what to give your friend for that special occasion? Why not choose the right teddy for your him or her? A teddy bear can be just the gift to lift your friend’s spirit on that special day, be it a birthday or a graduation wish. Here’s some tips to help you find that right teddy:

1. Think of the occasion

  • First of all, you can think if there are any bears that is catered for that occasion
  • For example, in most graduation occasions, bears wear a graduation hat and usually come with a “Congratulation” either on the tummy or the feet of the bear
  • If it’s for apologising for something you’ve done, a “Sorry or Forgive Me” bear, usually with a slightly more tilted and shy head, would touch your friend’s heart better than an ordinary bear

2. Think of your friend’s hobby

  • Does your friend have a hobby he/she has been having since you knew each other? Or does he/she like something so much that he/she have a vast collection of it at home?
  • By choosing the right teddy, you tell your friend that you paid attention to his/her hobbies and he/she will definitely appreciate you for it
  • If your friend loves music, perhaps your friend will appreciate a bear holding a musical instrument
  • If your friend love outdoor activities, he/she will definitely love a teddy that portraits an outdoor active lifestyle ie. a bear with a skateboard

3. Make it personalised and special

  • Perhaps you want to put in a special message ie. a congratulation wish for his or her graduation?
  • Or if it is an apologetic note, you would not want to just send the bear and expect your friend to understand your intentions. Send him/her a clear message and sincerity will bring you far in your relationship

4. Think of other complements to go with your teddy

  • Is there anything else that can go with the bear to make it a more special gift?
  • Most romantic gifts complements bear with flowers while graduation gifts complements with something he/she would require for work ie. A Business Card Holder
  • Think of some of the things you could slot into your gift so it will be a memorable gift

The key thing is always to put in that extra spice into your gift and be a little more outstanding than what he/she expect =P Your friend will definitely see the extra effort you put into choosing the right gift and appreciate you for that. Good luck in your hunt to finding the right teddy!

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Author: Julian Chua