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Choosing A Soft Toy for Your Baby

There are so many things to consider when picking a gift for babies. Today, the Fluffy Team is going to share 3 quick tips on how to choose a good soft toy for a baby, so that you can get credit for being a fantastic parent, godparent, aunty, or uncle. Soft toys are a great gift for a young child because they are universal, safe and make the perfect play and bed mates.

Tip 1: Choose a toy that stimulates your baby’s thinking

A toy is more than just an entertainment to your newborn. Many researches have led us to believe that a newborn absorbs almost anything instantaneously because of the early stages of their brain development. You might consider using soft toys to stimulate your baby’s color and shape recognition ability. Some parents also use soft toys to educate their babies on ABC, Shapes, Animals and etc.


Tip 2: Choose a toy with safe materials

Chewing and biting toys is something common among babies so it is important to consider what they put in their mouth when they’re playing and learning. As a rule of thumb, consider the chemicals and stuffing that is being used in the toys. Make sure they are baby safe. To help you feel assured that your toy is baby safe, you can always check to make sure the toy is baby safe by referring to the following safety labels in Malaysia:

  • MS EN71 Part 1:1995 (P) Mechanical and Physical Properties
  • MS ISO 8124-2:1999 Flammability MS EN71 Part 3: 1998 Migration of Certain Elements
  • MS EN71 Part 4:1998 Experimental Sets for Chemistry and Related Activities
  • MS EN71 Part 5: 1998 Chemical Toys (Sets) Other than Experimental Sets

*Source: Wikipedia.


Tip 3: Choose a toy with a baby-safe design

The design of the toy is probably as important which is quite commonly neglected by parents. Look out for the hard objects and try to prevent potential hazards that might occur. Some toys have very sharp buttons which might be unsafe for your baby to play. There is also a danger of them choking and swallowing the hard objects which is a no-no for your baby. Older babies might be able to handle it but it is better to play safe for your newborn and stick to toys which are soft and fluffy.


Now that you’ve got an idea what to look out for, here comes the shopping! Let us help you get the perfect gift for that special child or baby. FluffyFuzz.Com offers a wide range of soft toys for newborn and babies that you can choose from. Now apply the tips you’ve learnt and become the child’s favourite!