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Top 5 Gifts that Melt a Girl’s Heart

To be successful in a relationship, you have to be unique. You cannot be just another guy and expect to win over that special girl, especially if she’s the popular girl in her social group, because you’re not the only guy that is pursuing her. Most guys are probably just after her pretty face so assure her that you’re different, that you like her as a person and not just her looks. Spend some time and effort to build that special connection with her and win her at an emotional level. One of the ways that girls get attracted to you is through the effort you put in the gifts you shower her


Here’s a list of the Top 5 Gift you can get for your special girl and some tips on how to choose a good gift for her

1. Teddy Bear

Many underestimate the magic of this traditional gift. Teddy bears have been one of the best gift to a girl and it still works today. When you choose a teddy for her, here are some things to keep in mind. Girls are very sensitive to their size. If she has always wanted to lose weight, be sure not to give her an oversize bear that will remind her of her weight. If she’s short and have been sensitive to her height, don’t give her a bear too tall that she can’t handle. Teddy bear have existed for ages so it is a conservative gift to begin with


2. Soft Toys

If you want to take one step further, find out what’s her favorite pet or cartoon character. Some of the more famous animal soft toys are Dolphins, Dogs and Monkeys while for Cartoons, there is Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty and Snoopy. Find out what brands she likes and this is best done if you have additional assistance from her good friends or her family. You’ll want to give her a surprise =)


3. Flowers

Most girls will love flowers as a complement to your gift. It’s also a great way to start the evening. The most popular choice of flowers would definitely be roses. What you will have to keep in mind is the colour and numbers of the flowers. Most girls will know the meaning behind all the flowers so do your homework and choose wisely, else, a great evening might backfire without you realizing why


4. Chocolates

Chocolates are great but tricky gifts. Most people would agree that they love chocolates and they are indeed wonderful gifts. However, you don’t want your sweetheart to over indulge because chocolates are addictive. The last thing you want to do is for her to put the guilt and blame on you for buying her something that give her extra pounds


5. Customized Gifts

In general, any form of customized gifts are a good choices. Some of the popular choice are Pendants, T-Shirts and Scarves. Customized gift shows extra thought and care and in the long run, it will definitely bring you far. They give the impression to her that you’re willing to take that extra step to make her happy


Whatever your gift, I believe nothing beats sincerity so always go for that extra care and thought. It is never about the value of the gift itself but the whole process of choosing the right gift. Good luck in choosing her the gift that will sweep her off her feet =)